Dan Gabriel Comedian Headshot 2019Dan Gabriel does the kind of comedy that his friends call “Smart/Stupid.” He makes you think. Everyone has troubles. Dan hilariously tells you all about his troubles to make you momentarily forget yours.

Dan Gabriel was bit by the comedy bug in college. His fellow students at UC Davis told him he was funny and luckily he was gullible enough to believe them. The next few years were spent in class by day and searching for scraps of stage time at night. After graduation, Dan moved back to his home town of San Francisco and immersed himself in the tight-knit comedy community there. This provided Dan with chances to tour and open for comedy legends like Dave Chappelle, George Lopez, and Mitch Hedberg. After moving to Los Angeles, Dan won the LA Take Out Comedy Competition and was the runner up in the San Francisco International Comedy Competition. Word spread and led to television appearances on Comedy Central, Star Search, Showtime, The Late Late Show, Comics Unleashed and many more.
Baby For Sale

Throughout it all, Dan’s comedy reflects the life he’s currently experiencing. In the beginning, he used to focus on dating and partying. Now he’s a family man reaping all the material that comes along with that.

You can hear Dan’s three critically acclaimed comedy albums, Giant Robot, Baby for Sale, and The Vowel Diet on Sirius XM, Spotify, and iTunes.


“Quiet Funny” by Margaret Rhee with Dan Gabriel (PDF file)

Album: Giant Robot

Album: Baby For Sale